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  • Be transparent about what you and your agency are going to do with personal information.

  • Handle personal information in line with your agency’s privacy policy and privacy collection notices.

  • Collect, use and disclose personal information in ways permitted by the Privacy Act.

  • Secure and protect personal information.

  • Be aware of the risks and causes of data breaches and how to prevent this from happening. Remember:

    • Not all data breaches have to be reported to affected individuals and the OAIC.

    • You will need to tell the right people in your agency about any suspected data breach so they can make an objective assessment to establish if notification is required.

    • Be transparent and upfront about any suspected data breach with a quick and considered response — a data breach can be contained.

  • Allow individuals to contact you to access and correct the information that your agency holds about them.

  • Allow individuals to make enquiries and complaints about the way that you are handling their personal information.

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