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Protecting privacy,
building trust,
block by block

Privacy Awareness Week is about the
simple foundations we can put in place
to protect our personal information.

2 to 8 May 2022

As individuals, there are simple steps we can take to protect our
personal information.

And for businesses and government agencies, you are more likely
to be trusted with this information when you have demonstrated
good privacy practice.

Protect privacy
Check how well privacy practices stack up

Do your
stack up?

This Privacy Awareness Week, we’re challenging you to check how well your privacy practices stack up.

Your personal information is extremely valuable. It’s your identity, the foundations of who you are. Protect it.

If you’re a business or government agency that’s been entrusted with personal information, it’s critical that you handle it with integrity and care.

Australians want more protection

Privacy has become more important to us in recent years, yet we’re losing trust in organisations protecting our data.


have a clear understanding of why we should protect our personal information.


see the protection of our personal information as a major concern.


want more control and choice over the use of our personal information.


believe personal information should not be used in a way that causes harm, loss or distress.


consider privacy extremely or very important when choosing a digital service.


believe children must be empowered to use online services, but their data privacy must be protected.

The building blocks of trust

It’s easier than you might think to build a strong foundation of privacy, at home and at work. See our simple and effective tips.



Discover what’s on during
Privacy Awareness Week.

OAIC Privacy Awareness Week launch

OAIC Privacy Awareness Week launch

Monday 2 May, 9am

Join Australian Information Commissioner and Privacy Commissioner Angelene Falk for our virtual PAW launch. The event will feature a distinguished panel of leaders in the government, consumer and business sectors discussing the role of privacy in building trust.

OVIC Privacy Awareness Week launch

OVIC Privacy Awareness Week launch

Monday 2 May, 10am

To launch Privacy Awareness Week, Victorian Information Commissioner Sven Bluemmel will discuss how integral respecting privacy is to building a foundation of trust.

OIC Privacy Awareness Week launch

OIC Privacy Awareness Week launch

Tuesday 3 May, 9am

Queensland will launch Privacy Awareness Week virtually with a message from Privacy Commissioner Paxton Booth and a keynote presentation by Professor Edward Santow titled ‘Artificial intelligence and privacy: can they be friends?’


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